about ...mad lion gallery

"...uniqueness, craftsmanship, history, sustainability, and style all wrapped up into one!"

...mad lion gallery was established in 2010 in altoona, pennsylvania with a mission to send a beloved collection of vintage wearables and such out into a new generation of those who have the same fondness, appreciation, passion, and desire to love and preserve all things vintage

...it is a cherished inventory thirty some years in the making collected by the owner/resident shopkeep/vintage collector/not hoarder and sometimes supplemented by trips into her archives

...dedicated to sharing the love and admiration of the craftsmanship and style of what once was, offering up genuine wearable vintage clothing, accessories and such spanning many decades at affordable price points perfect for collecting, sharing, gifting, trading or just because!!!

...it is always a pleasure seeing any of our pre-loved vinty items sold, out in the world and adored yet again

...all merchandise has been washed and pressed, steamed, mended as needed and is sold as is